Twitchy Curtains

An Immersive Digital Audio Trail in Barry

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If you want to catch up on all the latest comings and goings, the who’s and the what’s, there is no one better to ask than a Barry local! Even in Victorian times, the Mrs Grundy’s Jottings column in the Barry Dock newspaper would keep the community abreast of the latest gossip. Although it was often inferred and with names omitted, there would be no mistaking who was being spoken about. So, if you want to hear the word on the street, make it a street in Barry!

This immersive digital audio trail will transport you to the exact spot you are standing on but to another era. Hear the stories that spread like wildfire along Holton Road and Thompson Street from 1890 to 2020, relayed by some well-meaning local characters, with not one ounce of exaggeration – promise!

QR stickers are placed along the route – shop windows, benches and even taxis! There are 15 stories in all. A quick scan will give you a truly immersive, up close experience with some unforgettable characters. Get your hair cut by Harry and find out about Kel and Rhys’s saucy encounter, sit next to a Bobby on a bench in King Square and hear about his wild night over the Island, or overhear the latest scandal at Woolworths…but you better not jump the queue!

Based on real stories from real people and performed by Barry’s community using the latest binaural technology, this funny and poignant experience is sure to become the talk of the town.

Scripts are available on request for those unable to take part in audio experiences. Please use the Contact link at the bottom of the page.


You will need a smartphone and a pair of stereo headphones. Look out for stickers along Holton Road and Thompson Street – shops windows, benches and even taxis!

Step 1 :Ensure QR code recognition is enabled on your phone – settings/camera.

Step 2: Launch the camera app and point at the QR code on sticker 

Step 3: Finally, tap the pop-up banner or the QR icon in the bottom-right corner of phone

A url will be provided in case your phone is unable to recognise QR codes.

CastIn alphabetical order:

Aly Hemlock
Beca Harries
Caitlin Lloyd
Charley Greatrix
Deryn Grigg
Eleanor Downing-Kerr
Elin McKay
Elmari Venter
Enfys-Haf Harding
Gareth King
Glyn Andrew Thomas
James Howe
Jayne Eldridge
Lois Banks
Maddie Allen
Mathys Venter
Mererid Velios
Rhian Hooper
Rhiannon Williams
Sid Evans
Tegwen Velios
Tyrell Actie
Xavier Blayney

Creative Team

Exec Producer: Mererid Velios, Vale of Glamorgan Council
Creative Director/Producer: Red Isaac, The means
Writers/Directors: Sarah G Bawler & Serena Lewis, Page to Stage
Sound Designer: Marie Tueje
Production Company: The means
Sound Engineer: Andrew Lawson
Recording Studio: Fieldgate Studios
Branding: Hoffi
Web Developer: Digital Tiger

With special thanks to Nic and Shirley Hodges, Victorian Barry & Old Barry in Pictures

Twitchy Curtains has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns initiative.

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